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What is the Ocean Wise Plastic Reduction Program?
What is the Ocean Wise Plastic Reduction Program?
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By adopting available solutions, we can reduce the flow of plastic into the ocean by 80%.

The problem with plastic…is us. Plastic is a reliable, cheap to produce, and useful, but we don’t value it. More than 40% of plastic produced is designed for single use, and from the plastic we do discard in Canada, only 9% is recycled in Canada. Our addiction to plastic has led to its widespread infiltration to almost every part of our world.

Researchers at Ocean Wise and other conservation organizations are finding more and more plastic every time they look – from deep sea sediment to the ocean surface. Science tells us if we act now, we can make a difference. Starting with the Plastic Pledge and Plastic Challenge for individuals, and the Plastic Reduction Program for businesses, we can each make a difference in our plastic waste.

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